Core 1MC

“A community’s journey in supporting an entrepreneur towards success usually involves over a million cups of coffee shared together.”


The mission of 1MC is simple: to lower barriers of access to education, resources and connections for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, inclusive of all kinds and industries across the U.S.

We work to accomplish this mission by delivering a standard experience nationwide that has unique local flavors and value propositions to your startup community. To cultivate and maintain this safe learning environment, we utilize our 1MC Key Pillars and Core Program Format to guide us. As our mission is both nationwide and local to each of our 170 communities, your energy as a 1MC organizer to help replicate this model of energy, inclusivity, and safe learning is vital!

1MC is designed to be replicated easily from community to community.

The details behind the “how” are simple:
Volunteer-run: 1MC is organized by engaged community members interested in enhancing the collaborative culture of entrepreneurship in their local ecosystems.
Culture: 1MC communities are safe learning environments for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect and share where they need help with their community, who will support them in their journey to learn and be successful.
Educational: The application and coaching process prepares entrepreneurs for their 1MC presentation and the audience Q&A. The process of preparing to present to and receive feedback from an audience is a meaningful learning experience.
Consistency: Every 1MC across the country follows the same format.
Audience Engagement: The 20 minutes of Q&A helps to build an engaged, supportive community.
Sales-Free: To help encourage a learning environment, we invite bold presentations instead of pitches. Pitches are used to ask for investment, sales, or exposure. Presentations are interactive, open to feedback, and invite shared learning experiences that assist both the presenters and the community.

Core Program Format

The Core program design ensures that no matter what 1MC community you attend, you know what to expect and you know that you’ll receive the same education, inspiration, and connection that entrepreneurs across the nation experience every week.

The 1MC program is simple and repeatable by design. There are five elements of the program design that are mainstays of the program.

The five elements include:
1MC happens every Wednesday morning
Each 1MC features two presenters
Each 1MC presentation is 6 minutes long, followed by a 20-minute Q&A
Presenter’s company are less than 5 years old, and presenter must be willing to ask for help
Each Q&A finishes out with repeating the question: “What can we as a community do to help you?”

Without 1MC Core, 1MC is simply not 1MC. It is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that the program design is adopted by all organizers on the organizing team, that 1MC’s pillars are understood by all organizers and the 1MC community, and that everyone in your local community is regularly reminded of the mission behind 1MC.

1MC Headquarters (see 1MCHQ Leadership Section) recommends starting every 1MC with a brief reminder of the “why” behind 1MC so the community knows what to expect and how they can support the mission.

Invite presentations

Authentic connections

Run by the Community, for the Community


To cultivate and maintain a safe learning environment for our entrepreneurs, we utilize our 1MC Key Pillars to guide the experience.

Without these being consistent in each community, our larger national mission doesn’t get accomplished.

The pillars are:
1. Inviting presentations, not pitches
2. Encouraging authentic community connection, not networking
3. Our Culture: For the community, run BY the community
   a. Your whole community is invited to be owners in the experience and sustainability of the program, instead of one organization, group, etc.
   b. We are a completely volunteer-led program. No one is paid to do this. Keep the energy up, and enlist new organizers often!
   c. We work to be radically and intentionally inclusive. Leadership, presenters, attendees. This is YOURS, ALL of yours.