About 1 Million Cups

Organizer Summit

Why 1MC Organizer Summit?

Rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Kauffman Foundation, both 1 Million Cups and the 1MCOS aim to ignite organizers with a passion for the program, ensuring that they leave feeling invigorated and equipped to lead the 1MC program in their local communities.

More inclusive startup communities are needed, and 1MC believes that cultivating those that empower all types of entrepreneurs is the best way to grow sustainable economies. Entrepreneurship can flourish in local communities when people and resources are well-connected. 1 Million Cups and the Organizer Summit provides the opportunity to strengthen these.

What can you expect at 1MCOS?

Gain access to the unveiling of multiple new resources.

Engage in community-level discussions on a variety of topics including REDI (Race, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), pipeline, the 1MC core program and pillars, and more.

Get energized while hearing from EMKF associates, guest speakers, and entrepreneurs who will share ideas about navigating startup communities towards economic success.

What will I be doing? What are my takeaways?

The Summit will equip organizers with a stronger understanding of the role their work serves and the resources available for them to lead 1 Million Cups in their communities. The Kauffman Foundation can help organizers aid aspiring entrepreneurs successfully in overcoming barriers, all while creating communities that provide entrepreneurs with the support needed to start and grow their business ventures.

Share Your Story.

We want to recognize communities that are creating magic with core. Do you have a great example of how core works in your community? Let us know, so we can share it with the greater community.

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Anti-Harassment Policy

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s convenings are intended to allow for productive, engaged, and thoughtful exchanges of ideas and respectful interactions amongst participants. Discrimination and harassment undermine those objectives, whether based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, age or religion. The Foundation prohibits and does not tolerate such behavior at or in conjunction with its convenings, including but not limited to unwelcome advances and/or language, imagery, or behavior that is sexual or otherwise offensive, as determined by the Foundation atits discretion. In addition to other consequences, participants who the Foundation deems in violation of these standards may be expelled from the event and prohibited from other engagements with Foundation-supported activities. Our anti-harassment policy can be found here.