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August 10-11, 2020

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What did we achieve?

We’re continuing to listen to what you need by launching and educating on new resources. Take a look at the underlying themes and objectives accomplished at the 2020 Summit.

Underlying Themes 
(1.) We’re listening.Organizers, you voiced a need. Here’s what we’ve done. Decisions, progress, tools)

(2.)  co-ownership with attendees of their engagement levels.Demonstrating WE authentically want them there, are excited to talk with them and fill up their tanks.  High levels of interactivity, random conversation moments, activities in sessions, and giving them a seat at the table are tactics to employ.

(3.) Continuing to utilize our tones of gratitude and inclusivity for them as volunteers – even when setting guidelines/expectations.


(1.) Increase our overall 1MCOS attendee reach through our virtual experience. 
   • Looking to increase both total # of attendees, and % of communities with at least 1 organizer attending.

(2.) Launch and educate on new resources + support that were developed based on organizer feedback.
A revised organizer playbook, monthly organizer orientations, SOC Core Toolbox, and new marketing resources.

(3.) Build organizers’ understanding and excitement for implementing and running our 1MC Core program locally. (Continuing to share our What, Why, and How)v
   • As a result, organizers view 1MC as a respected nationwide model, and leave with a clearer understanding of what tools and training they need to run 1MC Core    successfully.
   • Stories strategy: Capture and share stories around what positive impact/change 1MC Core is having for their communities and the entrepreneurs within them.

(4.) Engage with them in COMMUNITY level discussions:
   • DEI (Systemic inequity)
   • Entrepreneurial Resilience (Growth Mindset)
   • Ecosystem Building
   • As these are topics that both organizers and EMKF find important, we want to hold space and collaboration for them to process and discuss these topics about their    larger community that 1MC exists within.
   • We do NOT want to overwhelm them with new terms in a way that they confuse our expectations around 1MC Core with these. We do not have set    guidelines/expectations of them in regard to these areas, but acknowledge they are a part of the equation.

Session Overview and Content
Monday, August 10, 2020

Welcome Message

Scribing Board

Breakout Track 1: The 1MC Game of Life

Breakout 1 Video

Miro Board

Scribing Board

Game Of Life

Breakout Track 2: Get Unstuck: Resources to Support Core

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Breakout 2 Video

Breakout Track 3: 1MC Brand Messaging and Resources

Brand Messaging Video

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Strengthening our Communities: The Interdependence and REDI (Race, equity, diversity, and inclusion) Lens
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Scribing Board

Scribing Board

REDI Video

REDI Discussion Groups

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Breakout # 1: Learning Mindset

Learning Mindset Video

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Breakout #2: Fueling your community from Within

Breakout 2 Video

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Miro Board

Peer Discussion Groups

Breakout 2 Video

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Miro Board

Learn More About Our Mission and Program Structure


Invite presentations

Authentic connections

Run by the Community, for the Community


To cultivate and maintain a safe learning environment for our entrepreneurs, we utilize our 1MC Key Pillars to guide the experience.

Without these being consistent in each community, our larger national mission doesn’t get accomplished.

The pillars are:
1. Inviting presentations, not pitches
2. Encouraging authentic community connection, not networking
3. Our Culture: For the community, run BY the community
   a. Your whole community is invited to be owners in the experience and sustainability of the program, instead of one organization, group, etc.
   b. We are a completely volunteer-led program. No one is paid to do this. Keep the energy up, and enlist new organizers often!
   c. We work to be radically and intentionally inclusive. Leadership, presenters, attendees. This is YOURS, ALL of yours.